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Episode #7 – Robert the DollEpisode #7 – Robert the Doll

Here’s a photo of Robert The Doll Sources: fogelbar’s story: DunMiff–Sys’s story:

Listener Episode #4: The Costume RoomListener Episode #4: The Costume Room

Thank you to my contributors for allowing me to tell your stories! Links to the stories:

Episode 6: DuendesEpisode 6: Duendes

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Listener Episode 3 – The Oatmeal Who Wasn’tListener Episode 3 – The Oatmeal Who Wasn’t

ZeigeistHorror The Story: The story the author talks abiout Blinkin6125

Episode 5 – The Mackenzie PoltergeistEpisode 5 – The Mackenzie Poltergeist


Episode 4: Yorktown HauntsEpisode 4: Yorktown Haunts

Sources: Such_Warning_5507 – Used-Hotel-5591 Reddit Username

Episode 3: Colonial Williamsburg Part 2Episode 3: Colonial Williamsburg Part 2

Links to the amazing Denny O’Roarke’s podcast, Hauntingly Yours Links to the Extreme Ghost Tour Sources for the research: Taylor, L. B. (2011). Ghosts of Virginia’s